As far as time can tell, dance has always been our innate response to the rhythms of life. We dance to celebrate, to socialize, to perform, to tell a story. Where there is rhythm and music, we react, we move, we dance.

At Fame Studio, dance to us is synonymous to:


feeling the music, the energy around us, the connection with our own selves and our dance partners


absorbing the feel, and translating that to a convincing attitude on the dance floor


channeling our feel and attitude to create movements within us, with others, in space


going beyond movements, to express, to perform, to dance a story
We feature dances from the streets, from communities, to showcase them for others to watch, to join in and enjoy.. for people to remember the hidden treasures from different cultures, the human touch.

Putting people in touch with people again, building a community of real people, putting aside our gadgets for a while to enjoy each other's company, embracing rhythms & music, stirring our minds to improve our cognitive skills*, stirring our hearts beyond the logical realm.

Wait no more, come join us at Fame Studio
"Dance with us and celebrate the rhythms of life..."

* Einstein Aging Study, research led by neurologist Dr. Joe Verghese at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, N Engl J Med 2003, observed that participation in leisure activities, in particular dance, had high association with reduced risk of dementia.
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